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The Martyred and Selfless Student Affairs

Dear martyr and selfless student,


Since the Islamic Revolution, unlike other revolutions, was initially a revolution with a high spiritual approach and not just a worldly process, so paying attention to the scouts and epic creators is a new valuable movement at the forefront of infrastructure programs, so in this regard, training committed and specialized students. One of these programs' essential pillars is to achieve the Islamic Revolution's lofty goals and has a special place and importance. The arrival of the great sons of the martyr and the heroes of the holy defense and their memorials to the universities and higher education institutions of the country pay double attention to the continuation of this sacred Jihad in the stronghold of science and knowledge. For this purpose, to make the dear students more familiar with the educational laws and regulations, the university's martyred and self-sacrificing staff has collected and compiled the present collection, which includes regulations, educational, cultural, and welfare facilities for martyr and self-sacrificing students. We hope that while using this collection's contents, as in the past, you will be triumphant and victorious in the university trenches and relying on the two wings of science and faith to obtain scientific and human degrees.


Part of Imam Khomeini's message to the children of the martyrs

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The light of my dear eyes, dear children of martyrs, veterans, captives, and the missing of God Almighty's ideas, I heard your message, I greet you. I am proud of you, and what more incredible honor than that we have huge reserves in the continuation of our revolution such as We have dear ones that your presence in the society in all Islamic and revolutionary scenes and people is a reminder of the bravery, sacrifices, and sincerity of the men who were fertilized by the blessing of their pure blood of the Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran and their martyrdom, self-sacrifice, and captivity. Until the 15th of Khordad, the name of freedom and honor has remained stable because of our movement. You are the sincere witnesses and relics of the determination and steadfast and iron wills of the most heartfelt servants who proved their submission and worship to the Holy Gate of the Almighty by sacrificing their lives and blood, and in the field of the Great Jihad with the soul and the Little Jihad with the enemy. They embodied the reality of the victory of blood over the sword and the victory of the human will over the devil, did not sell their souls for any price, and did not become the ephemeral playground of the world and its belongings. And he placed their wages with him without hesitation. He immortalized their lives, which is the end of the aspirations of lovers and enthusiasts and the end of the action and aspirations of mystics, Dear saints and martyrs of the beginning of Islam, and may the blessings of the satisfaction of the truth be upon them, and may God bless you. Now you and we remain the heirs of that mission and the bearer of that trust, my dear ones, I love you and know you as my children. I always pray for you, and with compassionate and fatherly advice, I ask you good and faithful children to bear the burden of your father, Carry the responsibility that has been the legacy of their honor and way of life well, and practice holiness, purity, and innocence, and establish order in life and all its stages, and seriously study science and acquire knowledge and use of talents. Pay your God and never lay down the weapon of struggle against oppression, arrogance, and oppression, and make friends with the friends of God and enmity with the enemies of God your motto, and make yourself one of the barefoot, oppressed, and helpless people to whom all our honor is entrusted and served. Martyrs, veterans, captives, and the missing are not far from the same group, and I strongly urge you, the children of the martyrs, to treat your bereaved mothers with compassion and kindness, saying, "Paradise is under the feet of the mothers." My last word to you here is that The Islamic Republic, which is the fruit of the blood of your fathers, to remain loyal to the foot of the soul and prepare the ground for the resurrection of the savior of the world and Khatam Al-Awsiyan, and Mufakher al-Awliya, Hazrat Baqiyatullah Rouhi Fedah, with your readiness and the issuance of the revolution and the message of the blood of the martyrs.

Peace be upon you, and may God have mercy on you.

Ruhollah Al-Musawi Khomeini


Part of the statements of the Supreme Leader of Iran in a meeting with the families of the martyrs

In this meeting, while advising the martyr children to study science and obtain higher scientific degrees diligently, the Supreme Leader said: All institutions of Islamic Iran, especially universities and educational environments, must follow the revolutionary and Islamic orientation of the great martyrs. The martyr children must observe piety, preserve the spiritual value of their father's struggle entrusted to them, and always walk in the path of the great martyrs of Islam and the revolution.

Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned the martyrs as steely and steadfast elements of the war fronts and said: The spirit of the martyrs must be continuously reflected in their great families' work and education. Man is always exposed to disease and trial and can protect himself only by observing and maintaining purity, so the purpose of repeated advice to observe piety in the Holy Quran and the need to order piety in Friday prayers, preserving and protecting the spiritual values ​​of struggle Is human.