SJAU - University Of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi

President Office and Public Relations

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Fax: +988133117801

Address: Asadabad County - Imam Khomeini Street - Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University - The President Office



  • The public relations office establishes administrative communication between the university administration and the relevant units, both oral and written, and follows them.
  • Receiving and registering letters sent from different units, it is necessary to see the President of the university and ensure the department's timely response.
  • Preparing drafts and issuing letters that include the President of the university's opinions and orders to different units.
  • Preparing drafts and registering and sending letters, orders, circulars, and invitations issued.
  • Follow and execute the orders of the President of the university.
  • Responding to and addressing the problems that the client encounters with different units of the university.
  • Setting work schedules and meeting the university president.
  • Invite people to convene meetings and commissions.
  • Preparing the minutes of the presidency's meetings and notifying it to the relevant units and following up on the mentioned meetings' approvals.
  • We are carrying out the necessary measures for the participation of the university faculty members in domestic and foreign congresses, conferences, and seminars with the cooperation of the relevant units.
  • The public relations office is preparing, arranging, and implementing advertising and publishing plans and programs.
  • Study all newspapers and magazines and extract the scientific materials needed to send to the relevant units.
  • Planning and managing conferences and seminars.
  • Publish news and internal information about the university to inform the staff.
  • Execution of all press, audio, and visual affairs of the university.
  • The public relations office is preparing the necessary programs for holidays and celebrations and formal affairs held through the university and proposing the required funds to the relevant authorities.
  • Sending confidential letters to various managements, units, and organs and registering, recording, maintaining, and archiving secret letters.
  • Collaborate on updating information on the university website.
  • Gathering information and informing the university's scientific and research news to the people and familiarizing the public with how and how the different units of Daz University function through the publication of couriers, magazines, periodicals, and periodical newsletters, etc.
  • Photographing and filming the ceremonial ceremonies of seminars, interviews, etc. and keeping their records.
  • It carries out correspondence, agenda, preparing, compiling, and arranging the University Board of Trustees' approvals.
  • Carrying out the Board of Trustees' administrative affairs of the Board of Auditors and the University Councils and various related commissions and communicating their approvals to the relevant units.
  • Handling matters related to collecting and inferring information and statistics of all university affairs.
  • Preparing and arranging the minutes related to the Standing Committee and the Board of Trustees and collecting their approvals and submitting the necessary reports to the President of the University.
  • Reviewing and drafting the university's internal regulations for planning and approval in the Board of Trustees and communicating the Board of Trustees' approvals to the relevant units.
  • Participate in the Standing Committee meetings, conferences, and seminars as the case may be and the order of the superior authority and submit the necessary reports.
  • Review and send the detailed university budget proposed by the President of the university for planning and approval by the board of trustees.
  • The public relations office is carrying out matters related to inviting scientific and political personalities, etc. inside and outside the country with relevant units' cooperation.
  • It carries out activities related to attracting financial aid, etc. different economic poles of the country.
  • Reviewing materials, newspapers, and news about university activities and preparing the necessary answers.
  • The public relations office Established relations with domestic and foreign universities and higher education and research centers to collect the required scientific research information and attract their cooperation in various fields of research and technology.
  • Translations of letters, publications and various reference documents into Persian and foreign languages ​​required by the university and its affiliated research institutes.
  • Organizing seminars, congresses, symposia, and international scientific and research conferences in cooperation with other units, and proposing the required funds to the relevant authorities.
  • Carrying out the necessary studies to attract the cooperation of Iranian scientific personalities living abroad.
  • Providing conditions for attracting international students with the cooperation of educational groups.
  • Collaborate in establishing relations between associations and faculty members of the university with international scientific societies and foreign scientists in cooperation with other relevant university units and the International Scientific Cooperation Unit of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.
  • Preparing memorandums of scientific cooperation with universities and research institutes abroad and membership in scientific and international forums.
  • Dealing with the affairs of professors and foreign researchers at the university.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the President of the university.