SJAU - University Of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi

Plan and Program Management

Mehdi Ghamari

Plan and Program Manager

Telephone: +988133137454-113


We were communicating budget circulars to affiliated units based on the general criteria of preparing the country's budget, the policy of the university president, and the approvals of the Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Planning to provide the university's functional spaces with the higher education development plan and taking action to provide the required development credits. Providing land and facilities, considering the future development plan, cooperation with other units in preparing and adjusting their proposed budget, guiding matters related to productivity and organizational transformation in the university, summarizing the credits offered by different departments, and reviewing the proposed programs and credits in the forms Approved and goals and policies of the university Prepare a draft of the current, development and specific agreement and other sources of funding to notify the approved budget to each unit and measure the progress of operations in each unit according to the authorized credit and receive performance Presenting the proposed budget to the relevant authorities and defending it by participating in the applicable commissions and meetings, reviewing the university's systems and executive methods and modifying or changing them to eliminate unnecessary formalities and steps and optimize existing measures. Finance in predicting the manpower required by the university Continuous review of organizational tasks of the university and units and how to work in them according to the development of the university Continuous study in the organization and functions of affiliated units in order to properly separate and divide tasks between units and prevent From repetition and interference of university duties, preparation and adjustment of organizational chart (organizational) and practice and adjustment of organizational positions in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the university-affiliated units with the cooperation of related departments, preparation and adjustment of unit duties and also description of duties of organizational positions of the university and their communication After the approval of the Board of Trustees, the units review the proposals of the units regarding the change and modification of organizational positions and describe the duties and prepare the necessary reports and take the measures needed to solve their organizational problems—collecting statistics and data required by the university, informing and presenting the produced statistics, cooperating with the managers and heads of units in preparing and adjusting the budget. Active participation in councils, committees, and commenting on related issues, planning for continuous improvement of management, and increasing productivity in the research and technology education process about meritocracy, initiative, creativity, and improving organizational participation and flexibility. Planning and supervising the design, optimization, and adaptation of appropriate management systems required to implement higher education development programs. Planning and leading the review of systems, methods, and procedures used in the university and taking the necessary measures to improve and improve them to increase staff and client satisfaction, facilitate work and adapt to new needs and supporting, directing, and supervising the productivity and administrative transformation activities of the university, submitting new plans for the development, quantity, and quality of the university unit, continuous communication and performing the necessary coordination with the project, program and budget office of the central organization, performing other tasks assigned by the superior authority.