SJAU - University Of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi

Strategic Plan

SJAU is a young national university with the goal of public education. It is structured to meet its purposes and objectives in the next ten years by using the following documents:

  • Islamic Republic of Iran Improvement Document's for 2025
  • The General Scientific Map of Iran
  • The General Scientific and Technologies' Policies proposed by the Iran Supreme Leader for operating line 101 of the Iran Constitution
  • Iran Higher Education Transformation Document
  • The General Policies of 6th Social, Economic and Cultural Development Plan proposed by the Iran Supreme Leader
  • The Strategic Document of The Development of Education, Research and Technology in Iran
  • Instructions for Organizing and Strengthening the developing higher education institutions

In addition to the mentioned documents, SJAU plans to share new works and prevent overlapping activities with the other universities in the province, including the BASU.

Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi's reflections inspire SJAU to address local and global problems and achieve higher education goals in Iran west region. Besides, It tries to improve academia's cultural and social status for the future world and establish its place higher among the other national universities.


SJAU Orientations

Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University's prospective in 2025 will be an Islamic, Entrepreneur, Demand-oriented, and Effective in its environment, with a decent reputation. It will have a privileged position in teaching and disseminating strategic and technological knowledge in line with its field of activity, a suitable environment to establish higher education and research efficiency in the region. SJAU will be a place to attract and flourish talented students, creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial graduates, with a Jihadist spirit. That is worthy of the name of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi.


SJAU Worthinesses' Statement

  • The rule of the monotheistic worldview of Islam and the preservation of human dignity in academic relations
  • Establishing educational justice and fair distribution of access as a mission of Islamic University
  • Creativity and innovation as a fundamental academic value
  • Contribute to the development of rationality in regional decision-making and policy-making
  • recommending the good and forbidding the wrong for the result of legalism, scientific freedom, and the spread of the spirit of criticism
  • Axis ethics, responsibility, and Jihadi spirit according to the famous name of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi
  • Promoting the cultural considerations of academics along with strengthening the correct social behavior
  • Enhancing the level of responsibility, conscience and individual-social discipline, work ethic and initiative, entrepreneurship, honesty, contentment, cooperation, adaptation, and enjoying the virtue of academic service
  • Preservation and promotion of original and valuable human customs
  • Increasing the satisfaction and commitment of academics to themselves, society, and the country and being proud of our Iranian nationality
  • Special attention to the exploitation and strengthening of local and regional capacities, facilities, talents, and capabilities

University Missions' Statement

SJAU strives with an Islamic-Iranian approach and uses a comprehensive, efficient, and mission-oriented strategy in "green sciences and technologies" and "Islamic sciences and foreign languages" to solve regional and indigenous challenges and problems international dimensions. Also, SJAU wants to create knowledge and, while building the efficiency of the governance system of higher education and research, maintain its reputation as an entrepreneurial, demand-driven, and transformational university.


Strategic goals of SJAU

  • Knowledge management according to the mission of the university to convert knowledge into technology and meet the needs in the field of demographic-geographical areas, labor market, and development of the western region of Iran
  • Continuous improvement, evaluation, and review of the educational system, especially in the field of indigenous reading and upgrading of its power and practical capabilities
  • Empowering faculty members per different disciplines to increase productivity following the development process of the region
  • Laying out the requirements for the conversion of knowledge into technology, product, and skill, and the growing maturity of the knowledge-based economy
  • Diversification of the educational structure and sustainable interaction with industry and society
  • SJAU is attracting students' participation as valuable assets in building the country's future and encouraging and equipping them to use "green sciences and technologies" and "Islamic sciences and foreign languages" efficiently and effectively.
  • Strengthen the financial capacity of the university by continuously increasing the share of knowledge and technology in wealth creation and reducing educational, cultural, and administrative costs and eliminating duplication of work
  • Updating and streamlining educational, research, administrative services using technology, dynamic thinking, and preparation of structures
  • It is strengthening the administrative system and organization by minimizing organizational positions and managerial ranks. 

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